How do I prepare for the intervention?

General information

You have a surgical intervention scheduled at Centro Médico Teknon. In this guide you will find some recomendations that we hope will be useful for you to feel as comfortable as possible before, during and after surgery.

The Anaesthesiology Service is at your disposal for any doubt or if you need to expand or complete the information.

The day and time indicated by your surgeon you should go to Centro Médico Teknon and go to Admissions of the clinic, located near the main entrance.

At your arrival, you will be provided with a bracelet with your identification, meeting the quality and safety standards of the center.

Once your admission is formalized, you will be transferred to a room where the nursing staff will take care of you.

Later you will be transferred to the surgical area where you will be recieved by the anaesthesiology team to prepare you for anaesthesia and surgery. They will confirm all the necessary information for your safety, and then you will be given an intravenous tract to administer the medication for anaesthesia.

In the operating room vital signs will be monitored, and then the anaesthetic technique and scheduled surgery will be carried out.

At the end of the operation you will wake up in the operating room. You will be transferred to the resuscitation room until you are in optimal conditions to return to the room.

How do I prepare for the intervention?

If you plan to have surgery, follow these tips to help you avoid complications and to remind you what to keep in mind the day of surgery.

The day of the intervention you should go with the period of fasting indicated by your anaesthesiologist, without eating food (neither solids nor liquids).
If you usually take medication, the days before surgery you should follow the instructions given by the anaesthesiologist. Also, it is recommended not to drink alcoholic beverages or other substances before undergoing anaesthesia and surgery.
Be sure to take all the preoperative tests that your surgeon and anaesthesiologist have requested.
Remember to have signed the consent of the anaesthesia and the consent of the surgical procedure.
The day of the intervention, you should preferably go with a companion who can have a mobile phone for easy location.
If you use contact lenses, glasses, some type of removable dental or hearing prosthesis, you must remove them before being transferred to the operating room.
You should not go to the operating room with metal objects, valuables, jewelry, piercings, among others.
We recommend that before going to the center you shower without applying any type of cream or perfume. Also avoid wearing painted nails and makeup.
Also, remember that maintaining an adequate level of physical activity and balanced nutrition is essential to face the surgery and improve the recovery process.