Pediatric anesthesia

What makes anaesthesia special in children?

The majority of interventions in pediatrics are performed under general anaesthesia. Unlike adults, to avoid the venous puncture prior to the anaesthetic induction, for children it is usually done inhalationally, the child breathes anaesthetic gas through a facial mask and falls asleep.

ANESTALIA has a highly qualified staff specialized in pediatric patient care.

Why is the pre-anaesthetic visit important?

It is important to visit the anesthesiologist before having surgery to check that everything is correct. During the pre-anesthetic visit:

They will recieve complete information about the anaesthetic-surgical process

Preoperative tests will be reviewed

They will explain the guidelines to follow

They will solve any doubts that may arise

It is during the pre-anesthetic visit that emphasis will be placed on reducing the anxiety of both the child and the parents, since it has been shown that the reduction of anxiety, both of parents and children, has a positive effect on the entire surgical-anaesthetic process and the results.

From ANESTALIA we offer different non-pharmacological techniques to approach the child and the parents to the situation they will experience during their hospital stay. Find out about it in the pre-anesthetic visit.

Our goal is to offer specialized care and quality, while generating a positive experience for both parents and children.