What should I bring to the pre-anaesthetic visit?

What should I bring to the pre-anaesthetic visit?

To carry out the evaluation of the patient, the day of the Preanaesthetic Visit you must provide the result of the preoperative tests that have been requested.

Depending on your state of health and the surgery, the specialist may request additional tests: echocardiogram, MRI, CT, spirometry, allergy tests, among others. In that case, you must also provide the complementary tests.

Communicate any medical history or health problem that you have or have had, if you have had previous operations and if you have allergies.

Make a complete list of the medications you take, with the dose and the administration schedule.

The interpretation of these tests will allow to evaluate and configure a personalized anaesthetic plan for you, informing or making you a participant in your anaesthetic process.

Also, this evaluation represents an essential element for the optimization of your health status before surgery and for your safety throughout the anaesthetic-surgical process. 

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