Walking Epidural

Walking Epidural

I can walk, I can drink, I can exercise on the ball, go to the toilet and without any pain! I feel strong enough to push, to participate in childbirth. When I has my previous daughter with the usual epidural I could only press my hands and the mouth.

In these terms Yasmina explained to the journalist who accompanied her during the birth, her experience in the course of the delivery of her second daughter in our center. Read the full article here.

Despite the fact that Walking Epidural date from the early 90’s at the Charlotte Clinic in London, it is in this century that in our service we try to seek excellence in the analgesia of the pregnant woman during childbirth.

After reviewing the pertinent bibliography and convinced that it was an adequate technique, we started our first cases more than a decade ago, until we managed to establish the current protocol.

According to the latest survey of pregnant women, they showed a high degree of satisfaction and expressed their perception of having had a natural birth.

At the same time, the Walking Epidural has not shown any adverse event in addition to those that may occur with the classic epidural, rather the contrary. In deliveries with Walking Epidural, there is a lower incidence of maternal hypotension during labor.

In addition to what has been described, the Walking Epidural undoubtedly reinforced the team work of nurses, midwives, anaesthesiologists, gynecologists and the pregnant woman herself, which entails an integral attention to childbirth.