Pre-anaesthetic Visit

Do you want to request an appointment for a pre-anaesthetic visit?

Click here to ask for an appointment in out pre-anesthesic office. You can also call to +34 93 290 64 61.

We are at Office 61-62 on Marquesa Building of Centro Médico Teknon. Vilana Street, 12 (Barcelona 08022). 

Pre-anaesthetic Visit

The anaesthesiology service performs approximately 36.000 surgeries per year. It has been demonstrated that patients who enter pre-habilitation and surgical preparation programs have a decrease in postoperative complications, better pain control, less decompensation of the underlying pathology and a quick recovery with an incorporation their both familiar and work normal life.

It is only possible to maintain a high level of quality through safe and efficient action protocols.

In ANESTALIA we aim to offer the best possible care before, during and after surgery. The surgical event has an advantage over the other type of adverse events in our health that we know when it will happen.

Through the pre-anaesthetic visit we use the time between the decision to operate and the surgery to evaluate each patient, assess their individual needs, optimize their chronic diseases, if any, and guide in prevention and pre-habilitation through specific protocols.

To know what to bring to the pre-anesthetic visit, visit our page.

What are the advantages of the pre-anaesthetic visit?

By planning the anaesthesia in a personalized way, the patient gains personal and professional confidence. Our aim is to optimize the health status and inform and clarify you any questions you may have.